Although we have been living with Covid-19 for a while now, we are still seeing the impact on our lives and in our client events. I am here to support you in any way possible, and can help you tackle difficult conversations and work through your concerns to ensure that you have the event that you want.

Are you vaccinated?
Yes, and boosted. I believe in science and in protecting our community. I usually wear my mask in group settings and have found that it does not impact my ability to do my job!

What happens if we have to cancel, adjust, or postpone our wedding?
First we will look at the terms of the contract. I tend to have a compassionate response and have created terms that are flexible while still protecting my business needs. We can work together on your specific situation.

What happens if you get sick near our wedding date?
I will not expose others to illness, and will make a reasonable attempt to find a substitute, while continuing to support remotely if able. I do have a network of fellow vendors to call upon if needed!

Do you have resources for us to help us communicate with our guests about our Covid-10 guidelines?
Yes, and we can find ways to express your wishes via your website, email updates, etc. Currently there are little to no restrictions in most places, but since guidelines do change rapidly, I keep a close eye on the most recent guidelines to ensure we know the rules.