Who I am

I started this business in 2010 because I am passionate about helping people have affordable, stress-free, beautiful events. I find joy in the little moments at weddings – there are so many opportunities to help a couple really enjoy their wedding day. The details are incredibly important and I utilize my background in business to keep everything organized, while also ensuring that we have fun!

How Does This Work?

Each event is different and requires creativity and a personal touch. Being flexible and enthusiastic about events allows the client to really enjoy their event while having fun at the same time. Event planners have to stay organized, be reliable, and ensure that last minute surprises are handled efficiently and calmly. I utilize all forms of communication easily and am happy to adjust to how my clients work. I am enthusiastic about creative problem solving…nothing is too difficult to overcome!

I always have a free initial conversation with my clients to help determine the type of planning needed and what the costs are – no surprises here!