Sholeh_Munion_12162015_BIOSholeh Munion, CMP

Certified Meeting Planner

I grew up mostly in the Chicago area, and our family traveled all over the country and the world. This passion for travel has come in handy as a meeting planner!

I have been organizing activities and events for as long as I can remember (even as a small child, I was directing playtime!), so when more people started approaching me to ask for my assistance with planning events, it soon grew into a business.

I find joy in the little moments at weddings – there are so many opportunities to help a couple really enjoy their wedding day! The details are incredibly important and I utilize my background in business to keep everything organized, while also ensuring that we have fun!

I graduated with a dual degree in Management and Marketing from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and have a certificate in Professional Meeting and Event Planning (CMP) from the Events Industry Council. I have been working as a corporate and non-profit event planner for over 12 years, including a year and a half doing international work. I have been a wedding planner for over 10 years.

I have assistants that help me with larger events and a large network of vendor friends as resources for all types of events.

When I’m not working on an event, I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, cooking, picnics, mentoring young people, and volunteering for various community organizations. My husband, daughter and I live in Chicago.